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Water Elements

Garden ponds emphasise the overall impression and introduce another dimension and atmosphere into your garden. They produce a relaxing feeling, as well as dynamics and movement. The water surface has beneficial effects especially when relaxing. You will gaze at the beautifully blossoming water lilies and watch the swimming ornamental fish.

A stream or a waterfall introduce motion into the garden and their pleasant murmur enhances the overall atmosphere.

Pond with stream

Swimming Ponds
At first sight, a swimming pond is no different from a common garden pond. However, its structure includes a swimming zone. The variegated silhouette of the pond banks planted with water plants fulfils a decorative function, while the comfortably accessible swimming zone separated by a breakwater, which prevents contamination of the swimming zone by soil and, at the same time, protects the water plants from waves generated in the swimming zone, welcomes those looking to cool off on a warm summer day. We could say that the your garden will acquire an aesthetic element and a fully functional pond as an equal replacement of a swimming pool – all in one.

Swimming pond

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