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A high quality and well-maintained lawn is an essential element in any garden. The lawn is the most frequently used area of the garden and this fact needs to be considered already when planting the lawn as well as during its subsequent maintenance. It should fulfil an aesthetic function and simultaneously ensure high load-bearing capability. Apart from English-type decorative lawns, we also plant natural flowering meadows, dry and other locations using special seed mixes. If you do not want to wait for your lawn to grow, we can lay pre-grown lawn turf, which will allow you to use your lawn almost instantly.


Lawn Turf
Lawn turf is pre-grown and cultivated lawn that is cut using a special turf-cutting machine and rolled. The turf rolls are delivered to the customer and then laid on pre-prepared soil. This means that the lawn is ready for normal use and load bearing in a few days.

Lawn Turf Benefits

  • Complete lawn in 24 hours
  • Capable of bearing full load within 2-3 weeks
  • Resistant to weeds, moss and diseases
  • Turf laying possible throughout the year
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