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Garden Architecture

Garden or landscape architecture belongs among the fields of human activity that seek to arrange outdoor space according to certain principles. When creating the design of a garden, a landscape architect keeps in mind that the garden should offer functional values and, at the same time, serve as an aesthetic composition. This may be achieved through artistic principles commonly used by garden landscape architects as guides to deploy animate and inanimate elements in the garden design.

In order to ensure that the landscape architect's design satisfies the demanding requirements of the customer, the landscape architect should be familiar with the wishes and requirements of the customer, as well as the actual garden environment. A landscape design can be a simple study or a large-scale project.

In many cases, creating an attractive garden is not a question of money but of a good idea. The idea is then elaborated in detail in the actual garden design with maximum use of the principles of landscape architecture so that the designed garden is aesthetic without lacking functional values. The result of such design is a garden in, for example, a formal, modern, country, or Oriental style.

Landscape architecture
Landscape architecture

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