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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation belongs among the essential factors that influence the quality and the appearance of any decorative garden. A correctly installed automatic irrigation system produces considerable savings in terms of time and water, thanks to which the initial investment costs are recovered in very short time. We are an authorized installation company of the Hunter system. The installation includes the fitting of a pump or a secondary water meter. The processing of a quotation is free of charge and creates no obligation.

Irrigation system

The main benefits offered by the irrigation system include:

  • considerable water savings due to even and targeted irrigation;
  • minimum water evaporation when watering at night or early in the morning;
  • more efficient watering of lawns and plants and better water utilization;
  • irrigation intensity automatically depends on the precipitation volume;
  • fast return on investment;
  • considerable time saving compared to manual watering;
  • user-friendly operation;
  • creation of attractive visual effects and a pleasant microclimate;
  • increased property value.

Construction Preparedness
An irrigation system should already be planned during the rough structure phase and before garden landscaping. We recommend consulting us in advance to determine where conduits for pipes, power and other cables will need to be prepared, e.g. under paths, pavements, etc. The cost of such preparatory work is negligible and you will avoid potential problems during subsequent installation that could result in higher preparatory work costs.

An irrigation system may also be installed under an existing lawn of a landscaped garden.

What water source is necessary?
A sufficient amount of clean water is necessary to ensure the efficient use of the irrigation system. The most common sources are the water main or a well. Another option is a rainwater tank. The capacity of such tank should be designed with respect to the size of the irrigated area. However, the problem is to collect rainwater in a sufficient volume and quality. That is why the tank needs to be filled from a well or water main.

Irrigation System Design
The processing of the draft system design and the subsequent price calculation requires knowledge of a wide range of information such as a scaled planting plan, soil type, terrain slope, etc. The most reliable method of drawing up a precise design is a personal visit to your property. On site we will be able to specify the irrigated area, familiarize you with the possible realization options, recommend a suitable irrigation system, discuss the location of the control unit and assess the water source capacity and the possible connection method.

How Does the Automatic Irrigation System Work
The irrigation system is run by a control unit that works with the rain sensor and automatically activates irrigation as necessary. When it rains, the rain sensor temporarily blocks irrigation activation.

Pop-up sprinklers are used for lawn irrigation. The assortment of HUNTER sprinklers is quite wide. Each sprinkler type offers a different output and pop-up height. The spraying radius ranges from 0.6 to 22m depending on the sprinkler type.

Decorative beds and shrub plantings are irrigated using various forms of micro irrigation, namely drip line irrigation.

Maintenance & Servicing
The service life of the automatic irrigation system primarily depends on correct design and installation, water cleanliness, and winterization. It may thus serve well for dozens of years.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our customers. Blowing out of the system with pressurized air in autumn and its winterization, as well as its start-up in spring are standard operations.

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