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Garden Selection

A garden should satisfy the needs of its owner as well as complement the surrounding environment. Everyone should feel pleasant and relaxed in their garden.

Selecting the most suitable type of a garden is the first step to your satisfaction with the completed project.

Formal Gardens
Formal or regular gardens are based on using geometric shapes and proportions. Their main components include symmetrical beds, trimmed hedges and walls. Water may be incorporated in the form of a fountain.

Formal gardens

Modern Gardens
The modern style is characterized by simple lines. The beds are usually irregular and rounded. The colours are clear, bright and contrasting. Simplicity above all: one suitably selected dominating element will considerably augment the overall concept. Sometimes less is more.

Modern garden

Country-Style Gardens
Coarse stone walls and wood fences embody the essence of country-style gardens. The overall spirit is somewhat disorganized with a fantastic colour mosaic. Simple plants, such as daisies, sweet peas and calendulas are planted.

Country-style garden

Oriental Gardens
The fundamental motif of Oriental gardens is scale. The composition is distinguished by their reserved expression, their art of suggestion and sense for delicate elegance and asymmetry. Considerable attention is paid to working with stones that represent mountains, as well as to nanization, i.e. tree miniaturization and shaping.

Oriental garden

For your better orientation when selecting a garden, we have prepared a questionnaire to help you decide more easily. You may submit it online and we will help you without obligating you in any way.

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