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Landscape Architecture by Flora Bohemica, s.r.o.

Would you like to have a garden that would serve as an aesthetic complement to your house and its surroundings and make you feel truly "at home"?
Would you like to have a garden at your company headquarters that would be presentable and pleasant at the same time?
In that case, entrust the design of your garden to landscape architecture experts. We design and realize gardens that are natural as well as aesthetic and functional.


Flora Bohemica specializes in comprehensive landscape architecture solutions. Our activities include garden design, garden realization, and regular garden maintenance.
Thanks to this comprehensive approach to our work, we receive feedback directly after garden realizationas well as in the following years.

Landscape architecture Landscape architecture Landscape architecture Landscape architecture

In the area of landscape architecture, we also focus on associated activities to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of your garden. We design and install professional Hunter irrigation systems. We build garden ponds, not only decorative and swimming pondsbut also decorative fish ponds, ponds with waterfalls and ponds connected with a stream. We enjoy working with the terrain and we model the terrain already during the garden designphase. Thanks to precise terrain levelling and professional software, we are able to create a new terrain model with shifted mass calculations. This allows us to minimize terrain processing costs during the garden realizationphase.

Landscape architecture utilizes plants as well as other natural elements such as stones. Our garden design is only a concept, as each stone is an original and a landscape architect should participate in its selection and the subsequent garden realization. The landscape architect will select the ideal place for the stone so that it creates the impression of having stood there for ages. In addition, we use rocks and stones to build dry walls, stepping-stone paths or rockeries, and we use gravel or pebbles as mulch in garden beds. As a part of our garden architecture solutions, we also design garden lighting. We will light up your garden in such a way that you will not be able to take your eyes off your garden in the evening. Our garden designs also include small-scale structures and other garden elements such as playgrounds, different types of pergolas, garden sheds, etc.

We continuously educate ourselves in the area of landscape architecture and we keep pace with modern times. We use state-of-the-art technologies for designing and building ponds, lighting and irrigation systems, and we also incorporate smart home systems. On the other hand, we also use traditional methods. We can plant a meadow or lay a perfectly thick lawn using turf. Our work is always performed with a sensitivity for nature and attention to our customer's expectations.

Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is a field focusing on garden and park landscaping with the aim of improving the environment for people. Landscape architecture seeks to arrange outdoor space according to certain principles.

Landscape architecture strives to provide the best solution to bring your garden into harmony with your home and its surroundings in both aesthetic and functional terms. Often, it is not a question of huge amounts of money but of the right idea that may be subsequently realized. The initial garden design gradually changes into design documents which have their specific rules and are processed in a professional manner to ensure that the garden looks good not only when visualized in 3D, but in real life and in the years to come.

History of Landscape Architecture

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